Google states that a process of solving Pixel 6 Wi-Fi problem is on the way

The issue could be settled when the March update shows up.
It appears to be some Pixel 6 clients are proceeding to have some availability issues. Following the February update, clients have hailed WiFi issues on Google’s help gatherings and Reddit. Fortunately, they might not need to stand by excessively longer for a fix.

The issue sees Wi-Fi naturally stopping when Pixel 6 gadgets are locked or not turning on by any means. Google says its examination observed the underlying driver and that it “impacts a tiny number of gadgets.”

Google says a fix is on the way for Pixel 6 proprietors who are managing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network issues in the wake of introducing a security fix recently, as announced. In light of a client on Reddit, Google recognizes the issue and says it’s packaging a fix in a March programming update.

The Pixel people group composed on Reddit that a “tiny number of gadgets” have been affected by the WiFi availability issue and that the main driver has been found. The Pixel group has fostered a fix for the issue, which will be conveyed as a component of the Google Pixel Update in March.

A product fix has been created and set to show up with the Google Pixel Update in March. The main Monday of the following month ends up falling on the seventh, with plant and OTA pictures accessible that morning.

Hello u/cheesehead78. The fact that you’re encountering it makes thankful such a great amount for detailing this issue, us grieved. After some examination, we recognized the main driver and discovered that it impacts a tiny number of gadgets. Obviously, we understand this is an unfortunate encounter and quickly fostered a product fix that will be accessible in the following Google Pixel Update, carrying out in March. Assuming you might want to investigate different choices meanwhile, kindly reach out to our help group, which is ready to help you.

“After some examination, we recognized the main driver and confirmed that it impacts a tiny number of gadgets,” Google says. “Obviously, we understand this is an unfortunate encounter and quickly fostered a product fix that will be accessible in the following Google Pixel Update, carrying out in March.”

That should be great news to clients who have turned to finding workarounds for the issue. Something like one individual seems to have reset their Pixel 6 on the exhortation of Google support and, albeit that briefly settled their WiFi issues, the issue reappeared, as per report. Different estimates like resetting network settings or erasing a WiFi network from the gadget could have helped on an impermanent premise as well.

For those that can hardly wait, Google advises affected clients to contact support. Many have tracked down that introducing Android 12L Beta 3 fixes the issue. From our utilization, it’s very steady and close last quality.

Google likewise says to contact its help group “to investigate different choices meanwhile,” yet it doesn’t give any subtleties on what precisely that implies. As calls attention to, a few clients have observed that introducing the Android 12L beta 3 has tackled the issue, so that might be the “other choice” Google is referring to here. Google representative Alex Moriconi affirmed the data illustrated in the post is “precise” in an explanation.

There have been different issues originating from Pixel 6 updates. Google briefly handicapped the Hold for Me because of a bug in the December update, the rollout of which was additionally stopped for some clients over an issue with dropped calls. Hopefully the March update will settle the WiFi issues without presenting another bug.

For reasons unknown, Google’s updates simply haven’t been playing all that pleasantly with its leader Pixel 6 and 6 Pro gadgets. Google pulled its first significant update for the two telephones in December after clients revealed dropped and separated calls. Its January update fixed the bug – yet things broke again upon the arrival of the latest fix, which has been making a few gadgets arbitrarily switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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