MAOCAT Presale Surpasses $300,000 with First-Ever Cat-Memecoin on Ethereum

Hong Kong, 7th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The MAOCAT project is proud to announce its highly successful presale, surpassing $300,000 in fund collection. Early investors are beginning to appreciate the unique opportunity to participate in this first-ever cat memecoin on Ethereum. 

Many exciting features and utilities are in store for $MAO token holders. There is even more to come as MAOCAT continues to grow and innovate in the DeFi and NFT spaces. As this team of cat lovers looks towards the future, memecoin fans have found a new opportunity in the market.

Presale Triumph: The Rise of MAOCAT

After selling over 60% of the available tokens, the MAOCAT presale has reached a new milestone. In monetary terms, the presale has surpassed $300,000 in just a matter of weeks. This success strongly hints at the growing popularity of cat-themed memecoins in the Web3 sector. 

The presale offers early supporters a chance to secure MAOCAT tokens at discounted rates, making it an attractive investment opportunity. With different phases offering varying bonuses, the presale provides options for investors according to their preferences and budgets. 

The operation features ten phases, each with a different ETH token rate. The earlier the phase, the higher the bonus offered to investors. This structure encourages early participation and rewards those who contribute to the project’s foundation. 

$MAO Tokenomics and Utilities

There are multiple aspects to consider when looking at the $MAO token. The total supply equals 5 billion tokens, with 60% allocated for the presale and the remaining reserved for future initiatives.

The taxation structure includes a 3% marketing tax, a 3% liquidity pool tax, and a 2% development tax. There are no buy-or-sell taxes.

Users of the $MAO token can benefit from staking rewards, NFT token compensation, governance participation, and transaction fee payment. These utilities make $MAO a valuable asset for users in various ways. Staking allows them to earn passive income while participating in the governance process and gives them a voice in decision-making.

The Future of MAOCAT

The team at MAOCAT summarized its general plans in its publicly available roadmap. The first stage features the launch of the MAOCAT token and staking opportunities. The team also included the establishment of community social media accounts for marketing purposes in this phase. 

Stage 2 will see further developments. This phase will include launching a claim system for MAOCAT holders, listing on larger exchanges, and game development. After achieving 10,000 holders, the team plans to launch a swap for MAOCAT. 

Finally, Stage 3 will bring even bigger developments with the launch of a game and 10,000 NFTs on OpenSea and other exchanges. Additionally, the team plans to launch an NFT marketplace specifically for MAOCAT holders. 


MAOCAT is the first cat memecoin to start presale on Ethereum. With the past rise of dog-themed cryptocurrencies, MAOCAT marks the beginning of the era of cats in the crypto world. This new memecoin offers a variety of applications such as staking, NFTs, and a marketplace on Web3 with DeFi functions. 

The MAOCAT ecosystem is constantly expanding. The company plans to launch a rarity tool and whitepaper on its website. Users can experience various DAPPs and participate in the growing trend of cats dominating Google keyword searches. 

With a collection of NFTs, an NFT marketplace, a swap platform, and a game, MAOCAT offers endless options for everyone. Plus, the ongoing presale has already shown impressive results, surpassing $300,000 and attracting more investors to join the MAOCAT community. 

As this project continues to grow and develop, users can expect even more exciting features and utilities in the future. Anyone curious to learn more about the world of MAOCAT can visit its website or follow the team on social networks. 

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