Xdate has Rolled out AI-Detection Tool to Combat Fake Profiles and Scams, Enhancing Online Dating Safety

Xdate has introduced a cutting-edge AI-detection tool aimed at combating fake profiles and scams, significantly bolstering online dating safety. This innovative technology employs advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and eliminate fraudulent accounts, ensuring a more secure and trustworthy environment for users.

Online dating apps, now essential for busy individuals seeking connections, have become a hotbed for scams. This issue has worsened recently, with reported losses exceeding $500 million from romance scams in 2023, a 75% increase from 2022.

“In recent years, the online landscape has changed significantly and we see a growing concern about authenticity,” Justin, CEO at Xdate Inc., said in a press release. Daters are particularly worried about the risk of dating scams and fake profiles, according to Xdate user feedback. More than 50 percent of users surveyed by Xdate said they felt anxious about the authenticity of their online matches on dating apps. 

“Given our focus on the online user experience, we understand that trust is more critical than ever in online dating. We are committed to using advanced models to reduce anxiety around making connections and to support our community, with AI being a key area of focus,” Justin added.

The importance of this new feature is underscored by the over 200 reported cases of internet romantic scams in the first half of 2024 alone. Using machine learning, this tool automatically identifies and blocks 96% of spam or scam accounts. 

Supported by a global team of moderators, it aims to preemptively tackle fake profiles, catfishing, and abuse. However, users can still report suspicious profiles using the “block + report” feature. Unlike traditional safety features such as “block and report,” this AI tool assesses profile authenticity without direct user interaction. 

“No matter what you’re looking for online, most people agree on one thing: we want to connect with real people—not scammers, not fake profiles. So the goal is to use technology to eliminate fake profiles before users match them or they can cause any harm,” said Reina, the Xdate manager.

Meanwhile, CEO Justin emphasized the increasing concern over online authenticity and described the tool as Xdate’s latest innovation to ensure genuine connections. He also highlighted that Xdate is being thoughtful in its use of new models to “reduce the anxiety of making real connections,” combining AI with human support to enhance user safety.

Company name: GMatch Limited

Website link: www.xdateapp.com  

Business e-mail: support@xdateapp.com 

Contact name: Reina W.

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