Chris Harris Explains Why Best Finance Continues To Stand Out In the Home Loans Market

New York, US, 9th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, In a recent interview, Best Finance founder Chris Harris explained why they have emerged as one of America’s most flexible home loan providers. Harris started by highlighting how complicated the home loan process is and what Best Finance was doing to solve the problem. 

Harris noted that one of the biggest challenges for the industry is the lack of options. The product choice, he said, is so narrow and tedious that some homeowners don’t have a choice but to abandon the idea of taking home equity loans altogether. Since this problem cuts across the industry, Chris Harris knows that those seeking home equity loans have little room to wiggle when seeking capital.  That’s where Best Finance comes into the picture. 

Through Best Finance, the process of seeking capital has become more efficient. This is a big deal as it means that homeowners can capitalize on opportunities in the market to make more money by getting in at the right time. For context, Chris Harris noted that the S&P 500 had a significant dip in 2022 due to geopolitics and rising interest rates. However, this also presented an opportunity to buy the dip. If someone were using traditional mortgage institutions to try and access home equity, they would have had difficulty taking advantage of this opportunity because the process is tedious, and the odds are that the market would have already moved by the time they got the money. In contrast, someone using the Best Finance home equity loan would have accessed such funds almost immediately. 

Even better is that clients can choose between different types of loans. This flexibility in terms of loan products means customers can choose what best fits their needs at any moment. Through Best Finance, customers can choose between self-employed income using gross deposits, no-income loans, investment loans that can be done using the income from the property, commercial loans for apartment complexes, and more. 

Besides giving those looking to take home equity flexibility in product choice, Harris added that Best Finance prides itself on flexibility when choosing loan terms. He noted that anyone looking to own a home through Best Finance can choose between the 5, 10, 15, and 30-year loan terms. With the choices presented by Best Finance, customers can repay their loans at a speed that favors their overall investment strategy. 

Chris Harris noted that his dream is to see customers achieve their dreams through Best Finance. This was Chris Harris’ vision when he applied his software engineering skills to simplify the mortgage market and offer customers the flexibility they need when seeking mortgages or taking home equity loans to grow their finances. Best Finance works because it has made the most of technology to solve the problem of unnecessary bureaucracy and lack of transparency in the mortgage market. Harris hopes for a complete revolution in the US mortgage market thanks to Best Finance and the able, tech-savvy staff running it. 

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